Magnetic Drum Separator


Our drum magnet separators are expertly engineered, with a powerful magnetic assembly mounted inside a rotating drum to ensure a continuous, consistently high magnetic field. Every application is unique so, the magnetic assembly position can be adjusted in the field to improve performance and meet your specific needs.

  • Drum diameter 42” to 72”.
  • Variety of cylinder thickness (3/8”, ½”).
  • Non- magnetic manganese steel cylinder with non-magnetic knock-offs.


Underfeed: Ferrous material is lifted out of the burden, carried up and over the drum while the non-ferrous material falls away.

Overfeed: Ferrous material is attracted to the drum as it rotates while the non-magnetic material falls and is carried away. The ferrous material is gradually discharged at the end of the magnetic field. Effective for feeds that contains large non-magnetic material, and that contains weak magnetic material.

  • Non- magnetic manganese steel cylinder with non-magnetic knock-offs
  • Replaceable (2) pieces non-magnetic manganese wear cover welded-on or bolted-on (Optional)
  • Non-magnetic drum heads
  •  Heavy duty bearings and seals
  •  Clamp bearings with B-LOK assembly
  •  Split sprocket


From auto shredding scrap and slag reclaiming to municipal solid waste and mining - this incredible piece of expertly engineered equipment will maximize your productivity and reduce application downtime. 


Radial Pole Design:

• Operation Position: Underfeed and overfeed
• Magnetic Field: This magnetic assembly is designed to create a deep and strong magnetic field to drive efficiency in handling large quantities of ferrous material at a time.

Axial Pole Design:

• Operation Position: Underfeed
• Magnetic Field: This assembly is designed with opposite polarity poles creating a deep, uniform magnetic field across the width of the drum. This design allows ferrous tramp material to jump onto the drum face and flip  the magnetic material while it is traveling around the drum. Doing this allows non-magnetic particles to fall, producing a cleaner separated ferrous product. 

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