Shared pools of rebuilt components allow lower inventory costs and more efficient spares management.


Winkle "Unit Exchange" programs for lifting magnets and devices

With a Winkle Unit Exchange program, customers reduce the cost of spares inventories for lifting equipment and simplify sourcing for component repairs and rebuilds.

Building on Winkle remanufacturing services, our Unit Exchange programs allow customers to order rebuilt components for immediate shipment from Winkle's pool of stocked units as needed. Meanwhile, worn or damaged units taken out of service can be shipped to Winkle for repair and remanufacture. The rebuilt units then go into the component pool, ready for the next order.

By sharing spares in Winkle's pooled inventory, most customers can reduce the total number of spares required to support their facilities. At their request, customers can also have their own rebuilt components consigned to a reserved pool for their exclusive use.

Unit Exchange programs are available for a growing range of lifting equipment components including:
Crane brakes
Limit switches
Lifting magnets
… and more!

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