Winkle inspection services for lifting operations

By providing expert ongoing inspections of device inventories, Winkle helps customers optimize their preventive maintenance programs as well as the planning for spares inventories.

Winkle on-site inspection services are often performed in conjunction with an independent testing firm to ensure objectivity in reporting. We offer a full range metallurgical testing methods including radiography, magnetic particle inspection and liquid penetrants. Every step is taken to measure wear and detect hidden stresses as well as locate any cracks or degradation in the lifting device material.

Inspections are an essential element in our Lifting Device Management Programs. The first step in these programs is a complete audit of existing devices and spares. Every lifting device in the facility is subjected to non-destructive testing (NDT). The tests identify any components in need of replacement or repair and also establish benchmarks for predicting maintenance and repair requirements.

These results quantify the actual condition of the full inventory of devices, providing a baseline for maintenance goals and for reporting the customer's return on investment in the program.

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