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Tundish Rigs

Winkle tundish rigs are typically utilized for material handling requirements in steel mill caster operations. These heavy-duty designs are manufactured to safely lift and transport a distribution vessel known as a tundish.

Our tundish rigs incorporate a double pivot for lifting hook alignment which allows multi-plane movement for ease of loading and unloading. These durable lifters are engineered and manufactured to withstand the tough application demands of steel producing operations.

Winkle engineering and production teams provide expert remanufacturing services that include complete inspection, failure analysis and detailed reporting. Our remanufacturing services support any type of tundish rig and all repairs meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

All below-the-hook tundish rigs are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance to the latest ASME B30.20 specifications. Rely on Winkle to manufacture or custom engineer a tundish rig that provides a solution to your material handling needs.

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