Lifting Magnet

RM Series



Model “RM” – Rectangular Material Handling Magnet

Winkle “RM” Series magnets are engineered to handle structural steel such as; billets, pipe, rail, rebar, blooms and sheet. The copper coils and heavy-duty mechanical constructions are engineered to achieve optimum lifting capacity and durability. The pole shoes on each magnet are precisely designed to utilize the maximum contact area to transfer the magnetic flux through clean or rough magnetic materials for safe, efficient lifting performance. Steel manufacturers and steel processors worldwide continue to choose these lifting magnets to withstand high duty and severe operating environments.

  • Copper Wound Coil
  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated Case
  • 75% Duty Cycle
  • Class H Insulation
  • High Lift-to-Weight Ratio
  • Heavy-Duty Manganese Bottom Plate
  • Durable Alloy Steel Chain
  • 230 VDC Operation
  • Hot-Work Applications
  • Aluminum Wound Coils
  • Special Voltages Available
  • Customer Specified Requirements

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