Lifting Magnet

QCL / MQCL Series



Model "QCL / MQCL" – Coil Lifting Magnet

Winkle “QCL” and “MQCL” Series magnets are designed to handle coils in the eye vertical position. These magnets are an alternative to mechanical coil lifting devices and aid in reducing the amount of damage to material while preventing coils from telescoping during lift. The low current, copper wound coils and 100% welded case provide a duty cycle and safety ratio that cannot be matched. The mechanical designs achieve maximum durability and visibility at a reduced weight. These magnets tackle up to a ½” edge stagger for safe lifting requirements. The design features provide exceptional lifting performance, ultimate mechanical integrity and superior lift-to-weight ratios.

  • Copper Wound Coil
  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated Case
  • 75% Duty Cycle
  • Class H Insulation
  • High Lift-to-Weight Ratio
  • Durable Alloy Steel Chain
  • 230 VDC Operation
  • Chain Bail Stands
  • Magnet-to-Coil Centering Cone
  • Special Voltages Available
  • Customer Specified Requirements

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