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Power Collector Systems



Power Collector Systems

Winkle supplies a variety of safe, economical and trouble-free power collector systems. These systems are designed for supporting conventional crane rail sections when used to conduct electricity in a running position. From insulators to collector shoes, all parts and systems are designed to handle loads from 10 to 1250 amps. Our collector systems can be configured to handle virtually any industrial application.

Our complete lifecycle support can include design, manufacture, installation, training, inspection and renewal parts for all power related equipment and accessories.

  • Heavy duty continuous conductors
  • 90, 100, 250, 300 and 350 amp capacities
  • Insulated conductor bar
  • Compact, low profile construction
  • 460 volt, 3 or 4 conductor power bar
  • Pre-engineered systems for easy selection
  • Anchor clamps
  • Power feed connectors
  • Single or double spring loaded collector shoes
  • Current collector tow arm
  • Operating temperatures -22Deg. F to 176 Deg. F
  • Overhead cranes
  • Conveyers
  • Hoists
  • Material handling Applications
  • Automated Storage
  • Retrieval systems
  • Monorails
  • Dust & Humidity Applications
  • Multi- conductor combinations
  • Special designed systems for up to 1250 amps
  • Outdoor applications
  • DC crane rail electrificationM

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