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Magnet Meter Packages



Magnet Meter Packages

Winkle analog or digital meter packages are designed to monitor the electrical performance of lifting magnets. Product includes Ammeters and Voltmeters that are used to monitor electrical data during magnet operation. Winkle meter packages provide indications to magnet operators as to when a magnet should be taken out of service in an effort to extend equipment service life. Winkle offers a full range of meter packages for 0 to 300 VDC voltage ranges and 0 to 400 Amp current ranges.

Our complete lifecycle support can include design, manufacture, installation, training, inspection and renewal parts for all power related equipment and accessories.

  • NEMA 12 top hinged enclosures
  • Small enclosure size for mounting in operators cab
  • Pre-wired meters to a common terminal strip
  • Special enclosure types and sizes
  • Special indicating lights and pushbuttons
  • Electronic magnet monitors with an adjustable set points
  • Visual or Audible indicators

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