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“Combination” Power Supplies & Magnet Controllers



“Combination” Power Supplies & Magnet Controllers

Winkle combination devices supply electrical power and provide controller requirements for a number of industrial magnet applications. Our DC rectified power supplies and mill-duty magnet controllers are supplied in one common enclosure for safe, efficient operation. All designs supply reliable power and control for any type of lifting magnet or magnet system. Models are available from 3 kW to 50 kW capacity from 460/3/60 input supply voltages. All Winkle power supplies are designed for continuous operation at 100% rated loads.

Our complete lifecycle support can include design, manufacture, installation, training, inspection and renewal parts for all power related equipment and accessories.

  • NEMA 12 ventilated enclosure
  • Three Phase, dry type isolation transformer
  • Three Phase full-wave bridge rectifier with surge suppression
  • NEMA rated clapper type lift and drop contactors
  • All components convection cooled
  • Automatic discharge drop circuit
  • Operation from master switch or pushbuttons
  • Input and output fuse protection.
  • Externally operated main disconnect switch
  • Special enclosure types and kW sizes available
  • 230, 380, 550 VAC input voltages
  • 125 VDC units available
  • Magnet zone control circuit
  • Input circuit breaker
  • Variable voltage output units
  • Auxiliary contacts for indicating lights
  • Three pole magnetic main line contactor with 120 VAC control circuit

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