The new Winkle logo embodies the continuing growth and evolution of Winkle Industries, rooted in strong traditional values.



Alliance, OH - Along with everything else that’s new at Winkle Industries, now the company has introduced a new logo and graphic identity. And, in keeping with the other changes at Winkle, the new look is an evolutionary development – not a total makeover.

The President of Winkle Industries, Joe Schatz, chose ISRI 2005 for the unveiling of a new Winkle logo and wordmark along with a new overall brand identity reflected in the design of Winkle’s exhibit at the show.

According to Schatz, the new graphic identity is an essential step in the continued evolution of Winkle Industries. “We are actively developing new business in several directions. There’s a common ground between them, all growing from our core strengths and history. As we go forward, we need to be sure that customers will make the connection between the different lines of business and our common values. Our new graphic identity will help to maintain a clear view of who we are.”

Schatz explained that, while Winkle is very well known in certain circles, the name is still relatively new to some customers. He said the Winkle logo is distinctive and recognizable, but hasn’t always been presented in a consistent way. As Winkle marketing introduces the logo to new markets and customers, consistency in its appearance becomes an important element in the value of the brand.

“Some people weren’t sure whether we are called ‘Winkle Industries’ or ‘Winkle Magnetics’ or whether we’re two different companies. Magnetics has always been a core competency for Winkle, but that label tends to mask all the other capabilities we have grown into. For the record: we are ‘Winkle Industries’ and we offer products and services along five basic business lines: lifting devices (including magnets), crane products, engineering services, precision machining and fabrication, and industrial distribution services!”

The new Winkle brand is based on an updated typestyle for the Winkle name and a new color treatment for the logo. Additional name elements such as “Industries” and “Magnetics” are no longer part of the logo, so Winkle graphic materials will always present the same face to all customers. The new logo is also supported by a package of guidelines for graphic layouts, image treatments and color schemes to maintain a consistent look in all Winkle media.

This logo evolution reflects Winkle’s steady approach to growth and diversification. The approach really began with Joe Schatz himself. Before Schatz became the new owner of Winkle in 1999, he had already served the company for many years as its leading regional sales manager. One of his first moves as owner was to bring state-of-the-art engineering technology and staff into the firm, providing a solid foundation for product improvement and innovation. Winkle originated as a specialist in the remanufacture and recertification of lifting magnets. By working with its magnet customers in iron and steel industries, the company created a broad range of new products and aftersale services for both “above the hook” and “below the hook” applications in industrial lifting and holding. Winkle’s capabilities and capacity have now grown to the point that other manufacturers are outsourcing to Winkle as a center of excellence for engineering, manufacturing and distribution. Last year, Schatz and company built a new 75,000 sq.ft. facility to house its expanded operations and provide room for future growth.

“Our approach is to look at our customers’ whole process and see where our strengths can create opportunities for them,” says Schatz. “Our new headquarters was designed the same way: engineered for end-to-end productivity.”

About Winkle Industries

Winkle Industries is a worldwide leader in engineered solutions for users of mill-duty material handling equipment. Capabilities include below-the-hook lifting devices, mill equipment, crane products, engineering services, aftermarket services, machining and fabrication. Winkle’s experience and resources is “raising customer expectations” on a wide range of needs, from innovative product design to customer process improvement. 

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