Winkle scrap-handling magnets


Scrap Magnet Models




Winkle scrap-handling magnets are setting new standards for performance and durability in the recycling industry. Our scrap magnets are designed to maximize the lifting capacity of material handling equipment as well as the service life of the magnet.

Whether you choose from Winkle stock magnets or request a custom engineered magnet, our lifting magnets are optimized for your operation based on your lifting equipment, processing capacity, material densities and duty-cycle profile.

Winkle is also able to provide rebuild and unit exchange services to help customers avoid breakdowns and minimize service downtime. Our unit exchange program for scrap magnets can help customers ensure optimum ongoing performance of their material handlers for maximum productivity from primary processing equipment.

Download the UNIT EXCHANGE: MAGNETS data sheet for additional details.

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Design Features:


aluminum coils and copper coils available


deep field and extra deep field models


heavy-duty cast and fabricated steel cases


optimized for 75% duty cycles


high temperature insulation


durable alloy steel chain


heavy duty bottom plate


dual voltage and special voltages available


customized assemblies available