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Engineered for end-to-end productivity

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Since 1949, Winkle Industries has been a trusted and leading supplier of “below-the-hook” lifting devices, mechanical and electrical crane products, ground mounted material handling equipment and aftermarket services for various industrial markets worldwide.”

Winkle is raising customer expectations through diversified capabilities. We provide custom design, re-design, manufacturing, remanufacturing, distribution services and maintenance management programs. Our greatest resource is our personnel; we combine years of engineering and manufacturing disciplines with a strong work ethic. Our customers benefit from a unique mix of experience, knowledge and ability to apply dedicated talent and turn it into innovative solutions.

Winkle excels in industry-leading service and quality. We operate as a true “single source” supplier, allowing our customers to focus on core activities and competencies. Our commitment to achieving the highest level of standards enables us to provide products and services that enhance safety, reliability and profitability. Winkle strives for continuous improvement utilizing sound engineering, manufacturing and quality control principles that solve the most challenging manufacturing problems encountered by our customers.

Winkle personnel are equipped with the best tools in the industry. Our engineering and manufacturing excellence is driven by our continuous investment in state-of-the-art technologies that are utilized for creative, cost-effective and accurate solutions. Our focus on “end-to-end productivity” is more than a commitment to progressive service for our customers; – it’s also a commitment to continuous innovation in our own systems and procedures.

Our mission is to establish and maintain long-term relationships through our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Continued product and process improvements combined with our diversified capabilities and leading-edge technologies are the reasons customers depend on Winkle for productive solutions.  Building on the foundation of customer relationships with a “single source” philosophy, our customers can rely on our value-added quality and expertise.
By choosing Winkle Industries, you are partnered with dedicated, ethical professionals ready to deliver experienced engineering, expert manufacturing and proactive service programs that deliver dependable and productive solutions for your operations.