Winkle’s “one-source” capability is unique in the lifting industry, including magnetic and mechanical below-the-hook devices as well as above-the-hook parts and components.


Put us on the hook


Winkle provides the industry’s most diversified portfolio of engineered lifting devices, combining expertise in a full range of magnetic and mechanical products.

Winkle’s advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies are the foundation for the complete lifecycle support of all products. Our extensive experience in mill-duty environments ensures that Winkle devices are designed to maximize performance, reliability and lifecycle under the most severe operating conditions. From design to manufacturing to certification and field service, Winkle customers continually rely on our award-winning expertise.

Select from our standard line of products or let Winkle’s staff of experienced engineers custom-design a solution for your specific material handling application.




Steel Mill Magnets

Steel Service Center Magnets

Scrap Handling Magnets

Slag Processing Magnets

Battery Backup Systems

Rectifiers / Power Supplies

DC Generators

Magnet Controllers

Safety Disconnect Switches

Combination Power Supplies & Magnet Controllers

Meter Packages

Engine Driven DC Power Generators

Cable Reels




Coil Grabs

Sheet/Plate Lifters

Lifting Beams


Roll Lifters

Slab Lifters

Coil Lifters

Electrode Lifters

Segment Lifters

Hearth Rigs

Tundish Rigs

Mold Rigs

Hook Blocks

Pallet Lifters

Scrap Buckets



Clam Shell Buckets

Storage Stands

Bearing Puller

Annealing Cover Lifters

Crane Wheel Device