Winkle also provides specialized magnet management programs for scrap-handling equipment dealers


Single-source service and accountability for all your lifting devices

End-to-end Device Management Programs from Winkle are individually developed to meet the specific operational and management needs of each customer facility.

Facilities that outsource their lifting devices maintenance management to Winkle are able to improve productivity of their in-plant resources and expertise by focusing on the mission-critical operations instead of routine service and purchasing.

These programs can provide for complete manufacturing, repair and/or replacement, unit exchange, device design and engineering field services of the specified devices and components.

Winkle will also provide benchmark audits and inspections of existing device inventories and will comply to any required reporting procedures or formats required for our customers to monitor return on investment in the program. Our inspections and reporting also provides third-party verification of customers' compliance with applicable industry standards.

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A typical program for a steel mill facility may include single-source services for any or all of the following devices:






Brake assemblies

Clamshell buckets

Brake parts

Coil grabs

Brake Shoe Religning


Brake wheel

Hook blocks

Cable drums


Crane trolley assemblies

Ladle hangers



Lifting magnets



Lifting/roll racks



Lift tongs






Scrap boxes



Sheave pack assemblies



Spreader/lifting beams and jigs