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Emergency Battery Back-Up Power Supplies



Emergency Battery Back-Up Power Supplies

Winkle emergency battery back-up power supplies are designed to guard against property damage and personal injuries caused by power failures. These systems supply instantaneous power to electro-magnets and allow necessary time for magnet loads to be safely lowered until normal power is restored.

Our complete lifecycle support can include design, manufacture, installation, training, inspection and renewal parts for all power related equipment and accessories.

  • NEMA 1 ventilated battery enclosures
  • NEMA 12 control enclosures
  • Industrial duty battery chargers
  • Special solid state voltage transfer circuits
  • Voltage disconnect knife switches
  • Power failure warning devices
  • Heavy-duty sealed lead acid batteries
  • 77° Fahrenheit normal operating temperatures
  • Voltage and amperage monitoring meters
  • Custom enclosure sizes to fit any application
  • Output voltages of 125 VDC
  • Cab mounted meter packages

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