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Brake Coils

Winkle manufactures and remanufactures coils for all makes and models of industrial brake assemblies. As one of the most diverse coil winding facilities in the nation, we produce precision wound brake coils and provide expert repair services that meet or exceed original design specifications.

Experienced technicians and state-of-the-art winding equipment are utilized to produce any type and size of brake coil. All form wound and encapsulated coils meet optimum electrical requirements for industrial braking applications and systems.

Winkle expert engineering provides design capabilities to produce hard to find obsolete brake coils. All design specifications and manufacturing are supported by engineered coil calculations and strict testing procedures for safe, reliable operation.

From standard coils to custom designs, rely on Winkle expertise to choose and produce the correct coil for your specific braking application.

Contact Winkle to receive an engineered solution for your specific coil requirement.