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Brake Shoes/Relining

Winkle has specialized in re-lining services and friction material products since 1949. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques to hot bond and rivet friction material on braking systems for a number of industrial applications.

Specialized manufacturing procedures enable us to provide re-lining services for any make and model of industrial brake shoe, band or clutch assembly. Re-lining techniques incorporate molded, woven, or flat sheet products for a wide variety of industrial equipment.

From brake shoes to disc pads, our extensive inventory of non-asbestos friction material is one of the many reasons customers rely on Winkle. Our ability to provide standard or custom lining materials has enabled us to become the supplier of choice.

Winkle re-lining services and friction materials surpass customer expectations for safe, reliable operation.

Contact Winkle to select and supply the proper friction material for your specific application requirement.