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Tech Weigh Crane Scales And Load Weighing Systems

Winkle stocks and supports the Tech Weigh system of onboard load weighing systems for cranes, lifting magnets and scrap grapples.

Tech Weigh load cells simply replace the lifting yoke on cranes and scrap-handling equipment to report load weights while loading operations are in motion. Software supplied with the system allows operators to record weights per-lift, per-load and according to material grade or blend.

With a Tech Weigh scale, material handling operations can capture accurate load data without slowing the operator or the loading equipment. Load data may be transmitted to LED displays and printers in the crane cab or remote location.

Tech Weigh load cells are sized to handle loads from 1,000 up to 100,000 lbs., with weights accurate within 1%.

Tech Weigh onboard systems also feature:

  • Durable construction for reliable service in severe environments
  • Minimal parts for simple installation and servicing
  • Software tailored to suit each customer’s batch and process requirements

Weighmaster Truck Scales

Along with the Tech Weigh onboard weighing links, Winkle represents Tech Weigh truck scales. These “Weighmaster” truck scales also utilize load cell technology, with capacities up to 100 tons.

Tech Weigh Service

As Tech Weigh’s authorized distributor, Winkle also provides complete parts and factory service support to all Tech Weigh customers.

Contact Winkle for complete one-call service on renewal parts and support.