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Our strength in steel

  With new OptiCon Solid State Controllers, lifting magnets run cooler, cycle faster, lift more and last longer  

Since our earliest days, Iron & Steel has been one of Winkle’s greatest strengths. Our extensive industry experience has paved the way for the diversified portfolio of products and services that we offer today.

Our design, re-design, manufacturing, and remanufacturing expertise has provided service and support to the steel mills, steel processors and steel fabricators worldwide. Winkle has helped some of the industry’s most progressive steel companies maximize productivity and minimize unscheduled downtime.

Since 1949, Winkle has been a trusted and leading supplier of “below-the-hook” lifting devices, mechanical and electrical crane products, material handling and processing equipment and aftermarket services for the steel industry.

Our engineering and field services assist maintenance personnel in keeping material handling and processing equipment compliant, safe and productive. Our single-source capabilities include management programs that can be tailored to the specific needs of any facility. These programs allow mill management to streamline operations, reduce downtime and focus on optimizing core assets.

Winkle’s expert manufacturing, advanced engineering and proactive service programs are the foundation for the complete lifecycle support of all products. From design to manufacturing to certification and service, Winkle steel customers continually rely on our award winning expertise.

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