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Engineered solutions for paper

Paper mills require a unique blend of equipment not found in any other industry. Winkle has provided products and services from our portfolio to accompany the needs of our paper mill customers. Whether it's lifting, handling, processing, or transporting, Winkle engineering and manufacturing has created material handling solutions for many industry leading providers.

Below-the-hook lifting devices are only a few of the products Winkle offers to paper and other related industries. All manufactured, re-manufactured, and engineered below-the-hook lifting devices comply with the strictest of industry standards, ASME B30.20. All designs are substantiated and guaranteed to meet certification criteria necessary to limit the liability of our customers.

Paper mills have established Winkle as the leader for setting benchmarks in reliability and value for crane products. From crane brakes and limit stops to hook blocks and electrical control devices, Winkle Industries is your one-stop source for timely and reliable crane products. Working with Winkle will provide maximized productivity, improved processes, extended product service life, and minimized crane maintenance costs.

Winkle service programs support inspection and maintenance procedures that will keep lifting devices and crane products in compliance with OSHA standards. Improved reliability, productivity and safety are the motivation behind our many service innovations including Winkle's comprehensive device management programs and unit exchange services.

Our "end-to-end" solutions for management, maintenance and operations, allow our paper customers to stay focused on key processes in their plant while we ensure the highest levels of reliability of overhead systems and below-the-hook devices.

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