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Reliable products for aluminum

As one of the world’s most demanding industries, the aluminum industry places the same emphasis on the reliability and safety of their equipment.

Our extensive industry experience has assisted in developing the diversified portfolio of products and services that we offer today. Our engineering and manufacturing teams design custom lifting devices and mill equipment to suit individual applications. We also consult directly with mill engineers on ways to improve overall process reliability, efficiency and safety.

Our state-of-the-art technologies and experienced personnel enable us to custom design, re-design, manufacture and remanufacture virtually any type of lifting device, crane product and material handling equipment used in applications throughout the aluminum industry.

Our complete line of products and services and all related accessories is second to none. From replacement parts to new assemblies, Winkle Industries is your single source supplier for all required lifting devices, crane products and material handling equipment.

Our service programs provide our aluminum customers the specialization they require for their unique operating environments. Unit exchange, device design and process improvement help customers to increase the efficiency and maximize the lifecycle of their equipment.

Whether you operate a production, finishing, or maintenance department we can assure you durable and reliable equipment that increases productivity and minimizes unscheduled down-time.

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