Tech Weigh load cells replace the lifting yoke on material handlers.

Alliance, OH – Expanding on its extensive range of aftermarket distribution products, Winkle Industries is now representing the Tech Weigh ScrapMaster line of in-motion weighing systems for magnets and grapples.

Winkle President Joe Schatz announced the new distribution agreement, saying, “The Tech Weigh system is an ideal fit for Winkle products and for our customers. It complements our own line of custom lifting magnets, and moves us another step closer to being a single source supplier for all material handling applications.”

Technical Weighing Services Inc., based in Griffith, IN, manufactures a complete system of Tech Weigh onboard load weighing systems for cranes, lifting magnets and scrap grapples. Tech Weigh load cells simply replace the lifting yoke on cranes and scrap-handling equipment to report load weights while loading operations are in motion. Software supplied with the system allows operators to record weights per-lift, per-load and according to material grade or blend.

With a Tech Weigh scale, material handling operations can capture accurate load data without impeding the operator or loading equipment. Load data is transmitted to LED displays and/or printers in the crane cab or to a remote location. Tech Weigh load cells are sized to handle loads from 1,000 to 100,000 lbs., with weights accurate within 1%.

Along with the Tech Weigh onboard weighing links, Winkle will represent Tech Weigh truck scales. These “WeighMaster” truck scales also utilize load cell technology, with capacities up to 100 tons.

Known as an industry leader in engineered material handling products in steel, scrap and other mill-duty applications, Winkle has been growing its service capabilities by providing distribution and support for many of today’s top equipment brands. Winkle aftermarket services also represents Hubbell and Gleason Reel, Eaton-Cutler Hammer, Post Glover, Taylor Chain and others. Most recently, Winkle added GTS generators and controllers to its product offerings.

About Winkle Industries
Winkle Industries is a worldwide leader in engineered solutions for users of mill-duty material handling equipment. Winkle’s ISO 9001:2008 facilities provide end-to-end design, manufacture and support for above-the-hook and below-the-hook lifting devices, electrical and mechanical crane products, on-the-ground material handling equipment, engineering services, aftermarket services, machining and fabrication. Winkle’s experience and resources are “raising customer expectations” on a wide range of needs, from innovative product design to customer process improvement. 

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June 2012

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