A history of quality and innovation


Winkle Industries Inc. originated in 1949 as a family-owned business based in Canfield, Ohio. The firm specialized in the manufacture and recertification of lifting magnets and specialized crane products used by the steel industry throughout America’s Midwest and north-eastern states.

Lifting devices of every description, representing every abuse and failure, passed through the Winkle repair and rebuild facilities. As the company’s understanding of design and quality issues in the industry expanded, so did Winkle’s reputation for returning higher quality, more cost-efficient equipment to its customers. Through our remanufacturing program, Winkle became an authorized distributor for many leading brands of OEM and aftermarket parts, adding to the range of services we could provide to our customers' maintenance operations.

A new generation
In 1997, Winkle’s current owner and President, Joseph Schatz, succeeded the Winkle family after serving several years on staff. His first-hand experience in customers’ mills, yards, foundries and plants set Winkle on a new path for growth.

Quickly expanding its Engineering Department, Winkle began to grow into the design and production of its own brand of new mechanical lifting devices. Controlled pilot studies led to a unique understanding of the design parameters that affect equipment performance. From their strong footing in the iron and steel market, Winkle equipment also began to appear in more industries including scrap recycling, aluminum, transportation, paper and other manufacturing facilities.

Hooked on Winkle
A new infrastructure for diversification was emerging. Customers, to streamline their own operations, were searching out trusted suppliers that could meet a broadening range of lifting needs. Winkle’s design engineers stepped up to the challenge as Winkle became the industry’s first complete “below the hook” specialist, offering both magnetic and mechanical lifting devices.

Meanwhile, the quality of Winkle manufacturing and remanufacturing led to contracts for a growing range of crane brakes, crane reels and related “above the hook” products including mechanical and electrical components for all makes of overhead cranes.

Inevitably, Winkle outgrew its Canfield home. In 2004, Winkle constructed a new state-of-the-art 75,000 sq. ft. facility in nearby Alliance, OH.

End-to-end productivity
Winkle’s investment in engineering resources continues to drive our spirit of innovation. In recent years, along with new product developments, Winkle’s engineering expertise has provided the foundation for a variety of "industry first" services aimed at helping customers to maximize the return on their investment in production equipment and processes.

Through advanced engineering, quality manufacturing and remanufacturing, plus integrated service programs, Winkle Industries delivers on its commitment to provide an expanding portfolio of products sharing a common purpose: “Engineered for end-to-end productivity”.