Winkle customers depend on efficient, reliable, safe material handling systems to achieve their productivity goals.

Focused on "end-to-end productivity"

At Winkle Industries, our focus on "end-to-end productivity" is a standard for our products and services as well as a commitment to continuous innovation for our customers. “Engineered for end-to-end productivity” represents:

• our operational benchmark
We strive to design, build and deliver our products in the most efficient way possible. This efficiency provides the best solutions for our customers in terms of cost, performance and delivery. Productivity from concept to completion is the key to our own competitiveness and success.

• the value-added in Winkle products
Winkle products are core assets in our customers' business strategies, forming the vital material-handling links in our customers' mission-critical processes. We understand the need to minimize downtime and increase productivity, so we put the extra care into our engineering, manufacturing and service support to make sure our customers can rely on us to keep their facilities up & running efficiently.

• partnership in our customers' future success
As our customers compete domestically and internationally, the need to streamline manufacturing processes becomes more apparent. Winkle customers continually rely on our specialized products, our proactive services and our unique expertise in industrial material-handling systems to optimize productivity and reduce overall costs.

In our factory, on the drawing board, or out in the field, our goal is to create advanced solutions that are “engineered for end-to-end productivity”.

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