Our advanced engineering technologies build on Winkle's extensive field experience and original application research.


Advanced engineering


Engineering Services

Lifting Devices Management

"End-to-end" solutions for management and maintenance of all lifting devices allow customers to stay focused on critical processes in their plant.

Device Design
Working with customers' operations specialists, Winkle helps to re-engineer equipment for increased efficiency and reliability.

System Inspection
Scheduled inspections of device inventories by Winkle experts help customers optimize preventative maintenance and spares planning; reduce downtime and retain OSHA compliance

Process improvement
In addition to designing and developing specialized material handling devices, our engineering team consults with customers to improve mission-critical processes.


From our roots as a production-driven organization, Winkle has evolved into an engineering-driven firm dedicated to product innovation and customized solutions. Our success is the result of our continuing recruitment of the industry's top engineering professionals and investment in advanced engineering technologies. With the development of OptiCon magnet controllers, Winkle solid state engineering delivers a new level of productivity and maintenance-free performance to the material handling industry.

Winkle engineers have a critical role in every aspect of our operations. They take the lead in our custom design projects and in the advancement of our manufacturing processes. Working in concert with our customers' staff, Winkle engineers also support their onsite maintenance and process improvement programs with a wide range of specialized field services.

Winkle engineering has become a major force in the research and development of applied magnetics. Our engineers have primary responsibility for designing the most advanced electromagnetic devices to meet specific customer requirements. Every Winkle magnetic device and system is designed to maximize productivity for optimum performance.

Our ability to develop and evaluate designs is largely based on our investment in personnel and engineering technologies. Winkle has become a pioneer in the design and production of magnetic devices for a diversified number of material handlers.

Winkle engineering is equipped with today’s best tools for fast, accurate design of mechanical parts, components and assemblies. Our continued investment in 2-D, 3-D and Finite Element Analysis software allows our engineers to generate pinpoint accurate models as well as stress analysis of all mechanical devices. Winkle engineering is called upon to design and optimize a vast array of mechanical devices and equipment used in various industrial applications. Our advanced technologies and engineering personnel contribute to match one-of-a-kind needs and improved product reliability.

Required maintenance is a critical aspect of plant management for many of our customers. Winkle engineering offers experience and valuable resources to aid in establishing scheduled maintenance procedures that minimize downtime and increase productivity. Our engineering teams can specify inspection intervals and assessment services, as well as train customers on required service and maintenance procedures for all equipment.

Field Services provided by our engineering team can be adapted to the specific needs of individual customer facilities, including detailed reporting and audit procedures to conform with customer processes.