Lifting Magnet

MJC Series



Model “MJC” – Drop Ball Magnet

Winkle “MJC” Series magnets have established new design standards for the slag reclamation industry. These copper wound magnets are engineered to provide low current, exceptional saturation levels and superior duty cycles for ultimate lifting performance. These versatile lifting magnets can be used to effectively lift drop balls, ingots, bales, slag and crop ends. Heavy-duty fabricated cases are 100% welded to ensure waterproof integrity, durability and extended service life. These state-of-the-art design characteristics are manufactured to provide the slag industry with the most durable lifting magnet.

  • Copper Wound Coil
  • Extra Deep Field
  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated Case Designs
  • 75% Duty Cycle
  • Class H Insulation
  • High Lift-to-Weight Ratio
  • Durable Alloy Steel Chain
  • Heavy-Duty Manganese Bottom Plate
  • 11 Ton to 22 Ton Drop Ball (Based on Size of Magnet)
  • 230 VDC Operation
  • Customer Specified Requirements
  • Special Voltages Available

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