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Mill-Duty DC Power Supplies



Mill-Duty DC Power Supplies

Winkle DC rectified power supplies provide a 230 VDC power source to lifting magnets or other industrial equipment where a 230 VDC power source is not available. Models are available from 3 kW to 75 kW capacity from 460/3/60 input supply voltages. All Winkle power supplies are designed for continuous operation at 100% rated loads.

Our complete lifecycle support can include design, manufacture, installation, training, inspection and renewal parts for all power related equipment and accessories.

  • NEMA 1 ventilated enclosures
  • Three phase, dry-type isolation transformer
  • Three phase full-wave bridge rectifier assembly with heat sink
  • Semiconductor type fuses for rectifier protection
  • Selenium surge suppressors
  • DC output fuses
  • Externally operated main disconnect switches
  • Special enclosures and kW sizes
  • 125 VDC output units
  • Variable voltage output units
  • Indicating lights

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