Devices remanufactured by Winkle will meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Remanufactured magnets recover the cost of valuable copper and aluminum coils for customers.

Winkle quickly restores worn and damaged Gleason reels to like-new condition.

Expert remanufacturing services

Building on more than 50 years' experience in the remanufacture of below-the-hook lifting devices and crane products, Winkle restores a wide range of equipment to original performance parameters, or better.

Winkle was founded as a remanufacturing facility specializing in the restoration and recertification of lifting magnets for the steel industry, leading to first-hand familiarity with all major magnet brands. Our repair and rebuild capabilities quickly expanded to include a full range of fabricated lifting devices, crane components, electrical systems and mill-duty equipment.

Today, in addition to providing reman services to order, remanufacturing is a core capability supporting our Lifting Device Management and Unit Exchange programs.

From small parts to whole goods, components entrusted to our rebuild services receive full advantage of Winkle's engineering expertise, advanced manufacturing technologies and quality processes. Engineering staff monitors all incoming equipment to quickly assess any requirements for reverse engineering of damaged components or design upgrades requested by the customer. Customer part numbers are compared to our service database to locate any existing drawings or guidelines for service procedures. All repairs and improvements are then fully documented for future reference by both the customer and by Winkle staff.

Gleason Reel Corporation recently made Winkle their first and only authorized repair facility for Gleason cable and hose reels, as well as festoon and PowerTrak™ systems. We provide repair and refurbishing service for all Gleason customers, restoring these components to original factory specifications and quickly returning them to service.

Winkle's specialized experience provides a foundation of knowledge that allows us to look beyond the remanufacturing processes that a component might require, and to recognize its functional requirements in the field. This insight means we can ensure that the restoration processes are properly applied to preserve the design integrity of the part, and take steps to prevent premature component failures from the recurring.

For more information on factory-authorized repairs to Gleason crane products, download our Gleason Reels service brochure.

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