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Sheave Assemblies

Winkle sheave assemblies are most commonly used on industrial cranes and equipment for controlling the movement of wire rope. Our sheave assemblies are specifically designed to incorporate single or multiple sheave configurations.

Our fabricated sheave assemblies are engineered and manufactured to withstand harsh operating environments for safe, reliable operation. Winkle heavy-duty assemblies include hardened sheaves that are forged or fabricated as well as anti-friction bearings to extend service life and eliminate premature sheave wear.

Winkle sheave assemblies are equipped to withstand the most challenging lifting and reeving applications. Let Winkle manufacture or remanufacture a sheave assembly for your specific requirement. All sheave assemblies are designed and manufactured in accordance to the latest CMAA #70, or AISE #6 specifications.

From standard assemblies to custom designs, rely on Winkle expertise to select and provide the correct sheave assembly for your specific application.

Contact Winkle to receive an engineered solution for your specific sheave assembly requirement.