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Rope Drums

Winkle rope drums are engineered and manufactured to meet the most challenging operational and safety constraints for industrial crane applications. Our rope drums can be found on typically every type of crane in a number of industrial environments.

Winkle expert engineering and production teams produce a wide range of sizes that are suitable for any capacity range. New product features incorporate robust components for durability and reliability.

Our extensive knowledge of crane products supports our reputation as one of the most diverse remanufacturing facilities in the world. Our expert rope drum remanufacturing services are utilized by crane customers from many industries. Winkle remanufacturing services include complete inspection, failure analysis and detailed reporting for any type of industrial rope drum and related component.

Rely on our extensive expertise to custom design, manufacture or remanufactured a rope drum for your specific crane application.

Contact Winkle to receive an engineered solution for your specific rope drum requirement.