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Hubbell Yardmaster and Yardmaster Pup Lifting Magnet Controllers

Hubbell has ranked among the most respected names in industrial controls for more than 40 years. Hubbell’s Yardmaster and Yardmaster Pup varistor-type magnet controllers set the industry standard for lifting magnet safety and listing performance.

As a stocking distributor for Hubbell Industrial Controls, Winkle offers fast response, factory-qualified service and the best possible pricing on these industry-preferred Hubbell products.

The Type 4292 Yardmaster automatic discharge controllers incorporates a mechanically rugged high thermal capacity discharge varistor assembly designed to provide a safe discharge path for stored magnetic energy without the expense of special protective loads or bypass circuits.

  • Recommended for all applications from light scrap handling to lifting heavy billets and plates.

The Type 4292P Yardmaster Pup controllers offer the same built-in safety with optimum magnet control in a compact 24” x 12” x 13” package.

  • Recommended for light to medium scrap-handling applications

Hubbell 4292 and 4292P Features

  • Rated 200 VDC @ 5-50 amps
  • Peak magnet induced voltage limited to under 700 volts
  • Mechanically interlocked "Lift" and "Drop"
  • NEMA rated mill duty contactors
  • Long electrical contact life
  • Ventilated Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 3R Enclosure

Download our Controller Troubleshooting Guide, courtesy of Hubbell Industrial Controls.

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