Years of experience in severe mill-duty environments is the driving force behind the quality and reliability designed into every Winkle product and service.

A wealth of experience!

Winkle has developed new ways to meet our customers' challenges for specialized solutions in a multitude of industries both domestic and international.

Through many years of industry experience, we have grown our customer base and also expanded to offer one of the industry's most diversified portfolios of products and services.

Steel Industry
Since our earliest days, Iron & Steel has been one of Winkle’s greatest strengths. Some of Winkle's first customers were the steel mills of Ohio and nearby states which required manufacturing and remanufacturing services for their specialized material handling equipment. Today, Winkle continues its long standing reputation throughout this industry, both domestic and international. As the needs of steel mills have evolved through recent years, Winkle has been keeping pace with an increasing range of engineered products and integrated services.

Recycling Industry
Winkle magnets have set new standards for ultimate performance and durability in the scrap processing and slag reclamation industries. Our lifting magnets and auxiliary components have become increasingly common in the metal recycling industry. With our specialized experience, Winkle can custom design lifting magnets for exceptional duty cycles, superior lift-to-weight ratios and extended service life.

Aluminum Industry
No industry demands more of itself than the aluminum industry, and Winkle is fully equipped to help aluminum meet their goals for quality, efficiency, reliability and safety. The challenges of the mill environment are second nature to Winkle design and manufacturing staff. Our knowledge of industry operations and processes makes Winkle a valuable asset in the development of the full range of lifting, material-handling and maintenance management solutions.

Manufacturing Industries
Winkle's experience in mill-duty environments has been utilized in various manufacturing facilities for several years. Winkle customers continue to require our abilities to deliver custom material handling equipment and as well as manufactured components to support production requirements. Today, our diversified manufacturing and aftermarket expertise have made us a supplier of choice.

Transportation Industry
From shipyards to rail sidings, trucking to transit, the transportation industry runs on highly efficient, dependable material-handling systems. Winkle’s “single source” capabilities in below-the-hook and above-the-hook systems deliver innovative products and services to keep specialized mobile and overhead crane systems operating safely and reliably throughout the transportation and distribution chain.

Paper Industry
High heats, heavy loads, harsh materials – all the demands inherent in “mill duty” environments come together in the pulp & paper industry. Its continuous production streams call for nothing less than the end-to-end dependability of Winkle products and services for lifting, handling, processing and transporting. From the design of customized devices to the repair and remanufacture of critical components, Winkle sets the benchmarks for value-added service in this competitive field.