Building on our strengths

Winkle recognizes that leadership can’t be built on the ability to do just one part of our business well. We continually strive to excel and grow in all areas to ensure that “end-to-end productivity” is in everything we do.

Winkle's commitment to engineering excellence is driven by our customers' needs for creative and practical solutions that give them a competitive edge. Our engineering is at the heart of Winkle's success, guiding us to new product designs, quality processes and service insight.

Machining & Fabricating
Good ideas become profitable solutions only when they are executed accurately, efficiently and dependably. Winkle’s highly versatile manufacturing facilities help our customers make the most of their ideas for new products and processes. Our manufacturing technologies allow us to quickly respond to customer needs while maintaining a consistent quality discipline.

Aftermarket Services
Winkle Aftermarket Services has just one purpose: to simplify the process of how you locate and stock replacement parts for your auxiliary crane components and material handling equipment. Our wide-ranging inventories, direct OEM contacts and advanced information systems provide our customers with responsive "one-call" access to fast, smart service for their in-plant maintenance needs.

People and technology
Winkle takes special pride in the quality of people we have recruited as well as the quality of the tools we provide them. Our current and future success can only be driven by our growth in knowledge and the ability of our people to put that knowledge to work.